The Surgeon Laughed When I Said I Could Teach Him How To Use His Intuition In 5 Minutes Or Less

Mind Power?

Extraordinary mental abilities, or mind power are what
some people think only others have

 Is intuition really mind power or just a hunch?

 There comes to your aid and to do your bidding, with the development
of  the sixth sense, a ‘guardian angel’ who will open to you at all times
the door to the temple of wisdom.

                                                     Napoleon Hill   

Intuition or hunches are often noticed but then dismissed or written off as coincidences.  Some people just don’t believe in anything outside of their immediate usual experiences or knowledge. 

When I tell people I can teach them to tap into their intuitive abilities, their own natural mind power, in less than five minutes, they often laugh at me too, just as that MD did many years ago. But many are shocked to discover what powers they really have.

The doctor was accompanying his wife to a series of classes I was conducting on mind power at UCLA’s Experimental College. It was not a topic he was interested in but she had night blindness so he had to drive her each week.

He was respectful but completely mired in disbelief of anything that smaked of the paranormal. I urged him to be what I tell every seminar attendee, to be an open-minded skeptic. 

He was a great addition for the class because he stimulated our discussions, but there was very little openness in his skepticism.

Mind Power – Extrasensory?

Intuition is simple, it’s not EXTRAsensory, it’s a part of our senses, a built in survival mechanism that truly is a part of who we are. You’ll gain a powerful sense of your mind power within just a few minutes. 

One of the most startling revelations that would come out years later was that the US Army was training what some called, “psychic soldiers.” At the time it was top-secret, and when later revealed, the program was cancelled…maybe.

I’d heard rumors of some of the military’s research into the subject of mind power and remote viewing, fueled in part by a book written about the then Soviet Union’s considerable use of the paranormal, “Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain.” 

Remote viewing was what the Army called what their psychic soldiers were doing. Most of these were average men who had no clue about the techniques, intuition or mind power when they were recruited. Some didn’t even believe in intuition, but saw the program as an easy escape from KP duties. 

Many of the results were extraordinary and leaped far beyond simple intuition. They were sometimes able to correctly identify buildings, personnel, equipment, even at great distances, even though they had no idea of anything more than the coordinates that were given to them in a sealed off room.

Much has now been written about this, including a book and comedic movie, “The Men Who Stare At Goats,” starring George Clooney. His character was culled from several real life participants, including a friend of mine, Army Special Forces Colonel and paranormal researcher,  Dr. John Alexander, who I later interviewed for The Wizard’s Edge on the subject of the film and mind power.

Intuition or hunches manifests itself in unique ways. The key is to be able to identify what’s real and whats imaginary or just wishful thinking. 

You may have come to this page because of Andrew Cohen’s book, “Evolutionary Enlightenment.” This is just part of what’s being revealed to more and more people in these days of turmoil. 

What’s so powerful about “The Secret 5-Minute Intuitive Training Technique” is that you will learn how to tell the real from the fanciful. How to beyond your gut feeling to a very real sensory awakening.

With your permission, you’re about to receive a written briefing at no charge. In it you’ll find some helpful information on the the subject of intuition and mind power, and of course, the technique itself. 

You’ll also see the story of how using what I call the “your intuitive click,” which kept me from getting on an airplane that crashed, killing all aboard.

mind power You’ll discover how to use it to become a human lie detector, become hyper aware of your surroundings, improve your relationships, and become a masterful problem solver.  

Oh, and that surgeon? A year later he told me that he was using the technique regularly and had developed a reputation of being one of best diognostician in his clinic. He also told me that if I mentioned this to anyone he would absolutely deny it. 

You can have your own briefing on your intuition and how you can tap into your own unique mind power within minutes. Just fill in your first name and primary email address. You’ll get a quick note to verify it’s really you. Just click the link and you’ll have it right away.

More power to you,

Tom Justin

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